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Easiest Way to Trigger any Action

Suitable for Individuals and Companies, Try and feel how much can you do just with one click of a button. If you are interested in getting more details about the ProButton please fill the subscription form below.


ProButton is a simple IoT device that can help you handle you daily routine digital tasks.

                                  For Individuals      For Companies

Call a Taxi

Press the Probutton and order a taxi to your door!

Contact anyone with ProButton

Send sms, email, instant message or even place a call to friend or family members by just clicking the ProButton

Add an item to your shopping list

Never run out of a shampoo again, when its almost over and it will automatically be added to your shopping list!

Request a meeting

Notify your colleagues that you want to schedule a meeting with them

Place an order

Set your ProButton to automatically send an order to your suppliers when you push it.

Service Needed

Place Probutton next to machinerry or equipment and push it in case if service or maintenance is needed

Control your Life with ProButton

For busy individuals and companies. We save your time and effort.

High Compatibilyty

Configure your ProButton from any device with WiFi.


Adapt your ProButton to your Needs

Easy to Use

Everyone can use the ProButton